In the Classroom



  • Students may bring water or sports drink in a closed container into class. No juices, sodas, etc.

  • Observers are not permitted into the classrooms unless invited by an instructor.

  • Cell phones are not permitted into dance rooms.

  • Absolutely no chewing gum during class.

  • All students must be in proper dance attire and footwear.

  • Hair must be secured and out of their face.

  • Students shoud not touch the mirrors or hang on the barres.

  • Absolutely no running in the classroom.

  • Students/siblings are not allowed into the classroom without the instructor's supervision and permission.

  • Street shoes are not allowed on dance floors.

  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Teachers reserve the right to drop or remove any student(s) from class if the policies are not abided by.


It is extremely important that all students attend their class wearing the appropriate attire. We have developed our dress code for the purpose of seeing proper body placement and to keep our dancers safe. Those without the proper dance attire will be asked to observe class. We advise that all clothing brought into the studio be marked with the name of the student, just in case. All necessary attire and footwear can be purchased through MDC's in-studio boutique.

Creative Movement

Tights, leotard, pink leather or canvas (no satin) ballet slippers, skirt optional.


Tights, leotard, pink leather or canvas (no satin) ballet slippers, black tap shoes, skirt optional.


Tights, leotard, black tap shoes, black or tan jazz shoes, skirt optional.


When attending class, students should wear clean pink tights (no extreme holes or snags) and a dance leotard (not gymnastics or skating attire)l. Hair should be in a clean bun. Ballet shoes are required to take class: either pointe or canvas/leather ballet flats, no satin bedroom slippers, please. Underwear should not be worn with a leotard and tights. Appropriate warm-ups may be worn for the first 15 minutes of class time at the discretion of the teacher, but should be removed afterwards.


Leotard or fitted top, tights or dance pants (leggings, capris, or dance shorts), and black tap shoes. To avoid class interruption, younger students must have tap shoes that are buckle, slip on or have an elastic lace. No satin and/or ribbon ties.


Leotard or fitted top; tights, dance pants, leggings, capris or dance shorts; tan or black jazz shoes. Absolutely no t-shirts, baggy attire, or yoga pants.


Hip Hop

Loose clothing/dancewear. Black dance sneakers fo Kiddie Hop and Hip Hop 2. Black high-top leather sneaker for all other levels.


Leotard or tight fitting tank top and non-baggy shorts. Bare feet or cheer sneakers. Hair is to be pulled away from the face in a tight pony tail or bun.