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Classes for Ages 2-5

Dance classes run with the school calendar (from September-May). We have open enrollment through January 31st, pending classroom availability.

These classes tend to fill quickly, so we recommend early registration.

Dance with Me
Age 2

Dance with me is for students age 2. Caregivers participate from September through December, and in January students transition into being on their own in the classroom with an instructor. This class does not participate in our annual recital.

MDC_Sat_220514_0410 Michael Hallahan_edited.jpg
Bitty Ballerinas
Age 5

This class is for kindergarten-age students. We introduce them to the more formal classroom environment, basic classical ballet techniques, and ballet attire (ballet shoes, tights, leotard, hair in a bun). Students will also engage in creative exercises and games towards the end of class.

Creative Movement
Age 3

A fun and engaging class with a focus on imaginative movement and musicality. This class is ideal for the little one that is potty trained and OK to be away from mom/dad/guardian for up to 45 minutes.

Tap/Jazz Combo
Age 5

This class is recommended for kindergarten-age dancers.  It is intended to be taken alongside Bitty Ballerinas to give students a well-rounded curriculum. In this class, dancers will continue learning classroom structure, as well as the basic foundations of tap and jazz techniques. Tap and jazz shoes will be needed for this class and attire is snug-fitting shorts or leggings, a snug-fitting top, and hair pulled back from the face.

Age 4

Our next step up from Creative Movement is the slightly more structured Ballet/Tap class! We introduce beginner dance concepts, but keep the fun and games!

Tumble Tots
Ages 3-5

A fun and interactive class where students will learn to tumble and roll in a safe and highly supervised environment.  This class is geared towards 3-5 year olds (students that are potty trained and can take direction well).

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