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Policies & Student Handbook


We accept registrations for classes with availability through February 1st. Recital classes are structured around student numbers and abilities and teachers spend a great deal of time preparing recitals around their students. It can be disruptive to the choreography to lose a student late in the year. Dropping a recital class after February 1st will incurr a $25 Add/Drop fee.


Tuition is based on the full school year beginning with classes in September and culminating with recital in May. Tuition is not prorated for student absences, sickness or scheduled holiday breaks. Autopay is run on the 1st of every month.


If you exhibit any symptoms of ANY illness (including coughing, sneezing, runny nose), you must wear a mask while inside MDC.

If our staff notices a student exhibits these stymptoms, they will request the student put on a mask.


All classes (except select advanced ballet technique and "Dance With Me") will participate in our annual recital held in mid-May. Costume/tights charges will be posted in early fall and are due December 1. 


Cancellations in the event of weather will be posted on our Facebook page and website by 2:00pm. Cancellations will also be found on WGME and WCSH. If schools are cancelled and the weather clears, classes may be held, so please check in. If more than two classes in a year is cancelled due to weather, a make-up class will be available to students. They may take any class in the same style, format, and level as the missed class.


A full video of the recital will be available to all families that participate. A $35 charge will be added to every family’s account and a download link will be provided within 2 months following the performance. Family members are welcome to videotape dress rehearsals, but photography and videography is prohibited at the recital.

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