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Our Tiny Dancer  program is perfect for students ages 3-6, whether already exposed to a dance classroom or taking their first steps into a studio. Both curriculums are designed to foster our students' learning in a safe, fun, and educational environment.


At MDC, all classes are planned thoroughly; to be taught with proper terminology, conditioning stretches for flexibility, body awareness for appropriate ages and levels, and creatively challenged in a positive and caring dance environment. We place all children in classes according to skill, ability and improvement, as well as age. Please note: age reference is typically for “new” student enrollment until instructor has properly observed student’s ability.


Level A: Beginner. Basic fundamentals are introduced, including body alignment, vocabulary, and basic positions of the feet & arms.

Level B-C: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate. Each level is structured to provide more advanced training as the student is ready

Level D-E: Intermediate Advanced/Advanced: These intermediate/advanced and advanced levels are the culmination of study and hard work. Students should possess 5+ years of recent and consistent training.


Our goal is to keep each class progressing together at a similar pace while paying attention to the slight mixed level that will naturally arise and change throughout the year. If it is determined by the teacher that a student has not been enrolled in the proper class, the studio will contact the parent/guardian immediately. We try to make all placement changes as quickly as possible.


For dancers who come to us with experience at other studios or who have been absent from us for some time, we need to ask a few questions to familiarize ourselves with your skill level and capabilities. Once the initial placement is determined, the first class is then used as a trial. After the first class, the teacher will make an assessment and advise if proper placement has been achieved, or if a switch to another class is a better fit. We are committed to finding the absolute best class for each student so that we can ensure proper training and a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

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